Everyone deserves FREEDOM -- the freedom found in Christ!

Down But Not Out is growing and reaching more prisoners every week. As the ministry is blessed with reaching out to those who don't know Christ or are babies in Christ, we need your help to keep providing this freedom. Would you prayerfully consider supporting Down But Not Out by sponsoring an incarcerated teen or adult who needs to understand the love of Christ?

Your sponsorship can change a prisoner's life by providing them with their own Study Bible and access to Christ-centered character workshops led by DBNO. For only $14.50 you can carry the Gospel to one; for $22.75 you can impact two; for $26.50 you can impact three incarcerated teens or adults. Would you consider sponsoring an incarcerated person and carrying the Gospel to him or her?

Please consider a one-time or monthly gift to support DBNO.

Are you thinking of making a doation? Great! We have a couple options for you. All donations are processed through a secure PayPal account. (Don't worry. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation to Down But Not Out.)

If you are wanting to make a one time contribution, please click the "One Time Donation" button below. Then you can enter the amount you are wanting to donate.

If you are wanting to set up an automatic monthly donation, please select the amount you are wanting to donate and click the "Monthly Donation" button. Then you will need to enter your information.

Thank you for your support.

Please, prayerfully consider a monthly gift toward the expansion of the Down But Not Out ministry. Your monthly gift can provide a safe place of solace for continued spiritual and physical growth at the Down But Not Out Boxing Gym.

$15 per month helps to secure Bibles and other materials of growth
$25 per month helps to purchase key exercise equipment
$50 per month helps with the administrative expense
$100 per month helps secure a venue

Monthly Donation Amount

Down But Not Out is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the IRS. Individuals and corporations donating to Down But Not Out can be eligible for tax deductions based on the IRS rules and regulations of 501(c)(3) status. Down But Not Out recommends you consult a tax attorney, accountant or other professional regarding the status of your particular donation.