Taken for Granted?

There are thousands of people suffering from a lack of freedom today. They are in emotional, physical and spiritual bondage! Many made a series of bad decisions or acted poorly to tear away at their own self worth, their own faith, their own character. Should these children of God be forgotten or forsaken for their ignorance, bad decisions or poor actions? Down But Not Out doesn’t think so!


What comes to mind when you think of freedom? Is it your freedom of speech, your physical freedom, your freedom to spend time with family and friends, your financial freedom, your freedom to exercise your faith or maybe your freedom to make decisions? Regardless, we often take them for granted and don't realized we're only a series of poor choices or actions away from losing our freedoms!

Down But Not Out understands that a series of poor choices or actions can strip away so many freedoms; leaving us feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt! We see the degradation of character, faith, control and self daily. The good news is we care and understand how to equip and prepare others to overcome personal challenges, rebuild character, develop self worth and grow spiritually!

Welcome to Freedom!
We hope and pray you find our ministry and our perspective refreshing. Please pray about joining us to shed a new perspective on freedom to those who need it most. We encourage and hope you will pull along side of us as a volunteer, donate or commit to pray for those who want to experience physical, emotional and spiritual freedom. If you’re interested in providing a new perspective of freedom and want to help equip and prepare others for a productive life, visit us at Contact Us or call Alphonso for a personal visit at 317-965-9011. We’d love to hear from you!