How We Do It:
In addition to bringing a message of freedom and providing the necessary skill training for growth, we firmly believe and experience greater results by delivering God’s Word to our friends. Our friends are not just the incarcerated either. It’s essential we focus on intervention for the incarcerated but we really appreciate and desire prevention for those at-risk. Our prevention programs focus on at-risk youth, church youth groups, faith-based organizations, youth athletic groups, and junior-high and high-school teens - those most likely to make poor choices if not equipped and prepared at an early age. Our prevention programs, as with our intervention programs, focus on character, accountability and faith!

Purpose Statement
Down But Not Out, Inc. equips adult and the youth offenders, ex-offenders and at-risk youth with the tools to overcome personal challenges through character training, promoting healthy self-awareness, self-control, and spiritual encouragement.

Additional Solutions Provided:
• Personal and Corporate Life Coaching
Character First Program
• Impactful Speaking